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Thailand, where your ‘Like-never-before’

adventure will begin.



Surround yourself with Thai crafts whose techniques and designs have been passed down from generation to generation. Let your mind be fascinated by all the beauties from various masterpieces that each route will introduce to you!



So many unseen and new experiences in Thailand are waiting to be discovered. Expand your horizon in the way other tours couldn’t , and let this tour take your wonder by wonder!



Feeling tired from the tightly packed schedule? No problem! The down time is here to let you rejuvenate yourself and fully enjoy the fun at the tourist spots we prepared for you! Do not forget to stop by the shops to grab some souvenirs for your friends and families!


           Rattanakosin island is a historic area in the center of Bangkok.

It’s bordered by the Chao Phraya river along with many canals.

This area houses some of Thailand’s most famous and stunning  landmarks, including the grand palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho.

          Here you can see not only Thai history but also Thai traditional house, lifestyle and activity. You can visit all the interesting places by boator walking around to absorb the beauty of Rattanakosin island.


            World heritage, Ayutthaya was a capital city of the Siamese kingdom.

It was surrounded by three rivers which gave advantages strategically

and economically. Once was center of commerce, Ayutthaya is now

the witness of civilization. Archaeological ruins, Buddhist monastery

and some remaining tradition characterized this city. Vast and

wondrous can perfectly describe one’s experience in Ayutthaya

              Nakorn Pathom is the province which isn’t far from the capital and

still keeps its individuality about natural and beautiful Thai culture.

You can enjoy visiting the old palace and the biggest stupa in Thailand

and even do a workshop about unique Thai handcrafts here.

In the late afternoon, you can take a boat to see numerous red lotus

and buy some splendid souvenirs.


             Pattaya has the Sanctuary of Truth museum, a gigantic all wood

construction which is the world’s largest and most beautiful

woodcarving structure, features contemporary architecture. Also the

city has a beautiful well-known beach. And as it's located next to the

sea, everyday Pattaya is nourished by the extremely fresh seafood

from the gulf of Thailand.

            You will have a chance to try various

seafood in Thai recipe such as Tom-Yum-Koong (Thai style spicy,

sour and salty shrimp soup) and Poo-Pud-Pong-Karee (Stir-fried

crab with curry and several kinds of vegetables) there.

             All famous places in one. An open book of history and an open door

to the real Thailand. Here you will find numerous reproductions of

palace halls, temples, stupas, stone sanctuaries and traditional

houses. You can also visit several reconstructed historical buildings,

authenticated communities with their inhabitants doing their daily

chores and sample villages from all regions of the country.